Twilight of an Age

Fifth Session - Mines and Concord

Cheap and dirty review like your mom:

In the mines, the party found a door that had been enchanted to make dwarves ignore it. It was mostly painted with pictures of things like butterflies and elves making out. Inside, a pack of goblins (and their pet hellhound) under the banner of the Gambling Man holed up, waiting for a good time to try to escape the mine. It seems they tainted the gold with a connection to the Hells, pouring a fraction of that place’s hatred and distrust into the ore.

Once the goblin pack was “pacified” the party forced its shaman to undo the sigils connecting this place to the Hells. The shaman warned them that it was kind of like disconnecting a hose – it may be off, but whatever’s in the hose is going to pour out. Some demons, as it turns out. And that went as you might think.

Once they were back in the city, the party collected their rewards but soon learned that the local branch of the Inquisition was looking for them. After a brief but frantic escape, they met up with the local arm of the Red Hands, who agreed to put them up in a safe house and try to find out why the Cathedral was so interested in them. The good news is that they found out that the Inquisition wanted to know about this fortune teller’s prophecy. The bad news is that the Hands’ contact inside got nabbed. Could the party maybe do something about that?



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