Twilight of an Age

Session Four

The party finished off the living dungeon, pausing briefly to fight a massive Cobra that in no way resembled a reskinned black dragon. They proceeded to Concord, where they discovered an oracle being harassed by some junior grade Inquisitors. the oracle proceeded to prophecy that the party would either ruin the world or end it. Neither option seems particularly pleasant.

They cleared up the little matter of Crux being posted as Wanted by the forces of the Elf Queen only to find that the posters were a means to guide him to Cairthel Goldleaf, a ranger in the service of Her Majesty. Cairthel offered the party, and Crux in particular, a hefty reward for a magical artifact that the elf Queen foresaw them possessing.

They then went on to accept a job from her host, Lord Garavon Highwind, regarding the weakening of the enchantments that kept up racial harmony in the city. their first suspected lead was to investigate the dwarven gold mine nearby that had recently reopened. Lance cut through the bullshit of legal hiring by casting a spell at a dwarf until he had a job in the mines.



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