Twilight of an Age

Seventh Session - Werewolf Fanservice

The party headed through the woods to Nomad. On the way they had an encounter with some seriously fucked up wolves, and after that got the sense that they were being watched. The watchers revealed themselves to be the main elf dudes of the region, with [I FORGET HIS NAME] as the leader. He took the PCs back to his druidic grove and enlisted their aid in capturing an Imperial Missionary who had contracted werewolfism (lycanthropy is a stupid name).

Heading to a nearby entrance to the Underdark, they encountered some arachnid guardians which kind of nearly murdered some of the party before Crux established dominance. They then cornered the werewolf in a Dark Elf chapel which had some really theologically unsettling imagery. They tried to talk her down but were beset by werewolf spirits which triggered her transformation. She bit Lance during the ensuing scuffle but I bet that nothing bad will come of it.



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