Twilight of an Age

Sixth Session - Ghouls and Bad Words

The party needed a plan to rescue the Hands’ man from the Inquisition’s dungeons. After determining that the Inquisition was not particularly popular and operated in a forgotten temple on the edge of the dwarven part of town, they started to come together with something that looked dangerously like a competent plan.

Charity scoped out the place and Crux obtained some sleeping powder from an elven meth den while the rest of the party faked a demonic cult report across town. when the time came for ACTION, the Inquisitorial forces were mostly out investigating and rounding people up. Long story short, the party beat ass and took names, and got the hell out through a partially finished escape tunnel.

Did you know that the partially finished escape tunnel was under the graveyard and was inhabited by ghouls? That’s a good thing to know.

Later, when they got the hell out of town, they stopped at a small and very quiet village north of town. They knew something was up because there was blood everywhere and no one was on the streets (they’re very perceptive). Lord Tebbit, the local lord, informed them that shit was indeed dire.

The village, you see, provided cattle for Concord. Recently it had come under attack by rustlers. Lord Tebbit, stupid fatass that he is, offered a desperate deal to a third party: take care of the raiding bandits and we will pay you what is due. Turns out the raiding bandits were starving villagers from a nearby village owned by a distant cousin, and Tebbit tried to stop the third party from murderbating the relatively innocent desperate people.

Yeah, the redcaps he hired weren’t into that.

So they had begun attacking Tebbit’s village for going back on the deal. The PCs set up a pretty effective bait but soon learned how terrifying redcaps can be. The last redcaps offered a secret in exchange for his escape: the party is being run through a con. The offers made regarding the Egg aren’t the only options on the table.



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