Dark Elf Paladin - First Triumph Inquisitor


Dark Elf Paladin, Level 1

Str 18 Con 14 Dex 8 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 17
AC 19, PD 13, MD 13
HP 30
Recoveries 8 Recovery Value 1d10+2

One Unique Thing: In a bout of religious indignation, Crux smote his entire family for worshiping the wrong god. He’s still wanted by some dark elves for his crimes.

Icon Relationships: Crusader +1, Elf Queen +1, Hierophant -1
Backgrounds: First Triumph Inquisitor 4, Elf Queen Courtier 2, Hunted Outlaw 1, Silver Academy Apprentice 1

Racial Features: Cruel – Once per battle, deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage equals 5 times your level. (For example, at 3rd level you would deal 15 ongoing damage against a single target.) As usual, a normal save (11+) ends the damage. A critical hit doesn’t double this ongoing damage.

Class Features: Smite Everything – You can use this talent once per battle, plus an additional number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. As a free action before you make a paladin melee attack roll, you can declare that you’re using a Smite Everything attack. Add +1d12 to the damage roll AND deal half damage with the attack if it misses.

Bastion – You gain +1 AC. In addition, once per battle when a nearby ally is hit by an attack, you can choose to lose hit points equal to half of that damage, and have your ally take only half of the damage instead. The damage you lose can come from temporary hit points, but isn’t affected by damage resistance and other tricks to avoid the damage.

Implacable – You can roll saves at the start of your turn instead of at the end of your turn. A successful save against ongoing damage, for example, means that you will not take the ongoing damage that turn.

Lay on Hands – Twice per day as a quick action, you can heal yourself or an ally next to you with a touch. You spend the recovery while the recipient heals as if they had spent the recovery.

Heritage of the Sword (A): If you can already use swords that deal d6 and d8 damage without
attack penalties, you gain a +2 damage bonus with them. Otherwise, if your class would ordinarily have an attack penalty with such swords, you can now use them without penalties.

Equipment: Longsword, Short Bow, Plate Armor, Shield, Standard Traveling Gear, 1gp

Melee attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: +5 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 +7 damage
Miss: 1

Ranged attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: +0 vs. AC
Hit: 1d6-1 damage
Miss: —


The Dark Elf you know as Crux was born Va’llar Zaundar. His family was well-known and respected amongst his people. His family didn’t live extravagantly like some, so he never really knew how wealthy they were. He did know that he never wanted for anything and that was because his parents taught him to take what he wanted from an early age.

His parents put him in magical studies as soon he was able. They lorded his abilities over some others whose children did not take to their studies quite so seriously, but Va’llar was a serious child. This is what was expected of him and he excelled at it. His maturity gave way to his parents even bringing him to courtly functions at a much younger age then most others.

At the age of 15, he was deemed an adult in his household and his parents showed him their true lord. It wasn’t one of the Dark Ones that he had made to study all of his life or even one of the Lights. It was some foul red-skinned beast with wings and horns. If their representation of this creature did it any justice, it stood higher than the highest tree Va’llar had ever seen and it wielded a flaming scourge. This foolishness brought something up from within him. He remembers slipping his sword from its sheath and the fountains of blood that followed. People may say he wasn’t in control of himself, but nothing could be further from the truth. He remembers every calculated swing.

When he was done, he knew how this would look to his people, he also had a strange feeling that there were others so misguided out there that needed to be educated, so he fled. He fled with the blood sodden clothes on his back. He made his way through a few towns. He didn’t settle down anywhere though until finding his way to First Triumph. There he found some like-minded people who understood that demons were not to be worshiped.


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