Twilight of an Age

Eighth Session - Airships and Alcoholics

“Now,” those Plumbago lips say, “You are going to tell me your story like you just did. Write it all down. Tell that story over and over. Tell me your sad-assed story all night.” That Brandy queen points a long bony finger at me. “When you understand,” Brandy says, “that what you’re telling is just a story. It isn’t happening anymore. When you realize the story you’re telling is just words, when you can just crumble it up and throw your past in the trashcan,” Brandy says, “then we’ll figure out who you’re going to be.”

Yara revealed that her merciful impulses backfired and resulted in Tychus burning down VeraLi’s village. The party left the woods and headed out to Nomad, where they had a sighting of an odd airship. Lance discovered that the villagers make their profit largely by selling Koru Behemoth dung, which is rich in magical energies.

In Nomad, they encountered the airship again. Blayne Randervale had a bit of an engineering problem aboard the Fiery Sabre and the PCs sorted everything out, coming aboard for a trip over to the approaching Behemoth. En route they drunkenly unraveled some of Blayne’s secret past and maybe Charity did something she shouldn’t have.

They were then attacked by enraged harpies who were mad that the party had driven off their husbands, the Beatboxing Fat Boys Sirens, and now the harpies had to put up with them loafing about at the house instead of being out and about wrecking ships for something to take home.

Seventh Session - Werewolf Fanservice

The party headed through the woods to Nomad. On the way they had an encounter with some seriously fucked up wolves, and after that got the sense that they were being watched. The watchers revealed themselves to be the main elf dudes of the region, with [I FORGET HIS NAME] as the leader. He took the PCs back to his druidic grove and enlisted their aid in capturing an Imperial Missionary who had contracted werewolfism (lycanthropy is a stupid name).

Heading to a nearby entrance to the Underdark, they encountered some arachnid guardians which kind of nearly murdered some of the party before Crux established dominance. They then cornered the werewolf in a Dark Elf chapel which had some really theologically unsettling imagery. They tried to talk her down but were beset by werewolf spirits which triggered her transformation. She bit Lance during the ensuing scuffle but I bet that nothing bad will come of it.

Sixth Session - Ghouls and Bad Words

The party needed a plan to rescue the Hands’ man from the Inquisition’s dungeons. After determining that the Inquisition was not particularly popular and operated in a forgotten temple on the edge of the dwarven part of town, they started to come together with something that looked dangerously like a competent plan.

Charity scoped out the place and Crux obtained some sleeping powder from an elven meth den while the rest of the party faked a demonic cult report across town. when the time came for ACTION, the Inquisitorial forces were mostly out investigating and rounding people up. Long story short, the party beat ass and took names, and got the hell out through a partially finished escape tunnel.

Did you know that the partially finished escape tunnel was under the graveyard and was inhabited by ghouls? That’s a good thing to know.

Later, when they got the hell out of town, they stopped at a small and very quiet village north of town. They knew something was up because there was blood everywhere and no one was on the streets (they’re very perceptive). Lord Tebbit, the local lord, informed them that shit was indeed dire.

The village, you see, provided cattle for Concord. Recently it had come under attack by rustlers. Lord Tebbit, stupid fatass that he is, offered a desperate deal to a third party: take care of the raiding bandits and we will pay you what is due. Turns out the raiding bandits were starving villagers from a nearby village owned by a distant cousin, and Tebbit tried to stop the third party from murderbating the relatively innocent desperate people.

Yeah, the redcaps he hired weren’t into that.

So they had begun attacking Tebbit’s village for going back on the deal. The PCs set up a pretty effective bait but soon learned how terrifying redcaps can be. The last redcaps offered a secret in exchange for his escape: the party is being run through a con. The offers made regarding the Egg aren’t the only options on the table.

Fifth Session - Mines and Concord

Cheap and dirty review like your mom:

In the mines, the party found a door that had been enchanted to make dwarves ignore it. It was mostly painted with pictures of things like butterflies and elves making out. Inside, a pack of goblins (and their pet hellhound) under the banner of the Gambling Man holed up, waiting for a good time to try to escape the mine. It seems they tainted the gold with a connection to the Hells, pouring a fraction of that place’s hatred and distrust into the ore.

Once the goblin pack was “pacified” the party forced its shaman to undo the sigils connecting this place to the Hells. The shaman warned them that it was kind of like disconnecting a hose – it may be off, but whatever’s in the hose is going to pour out. Some demons, as it turns out. And that went as you might think.

Once they were back in the city, the party collected their rewards but soon learned that the local branch of the Inquisition was looking for them. After a brief but frantic escape, they met up with the local arm of the Red Hands, who agreed to put them up in a safe house and try to find out why the Cathedral was so interested in them. The good news is that they found out that the Inquisition wanted to know about this fortune teller’s prophecy. The bad news is that the Hands’ contact inside got nabbed. Could the party maybe do something about that?

Session Four

The party finished off the living dungeon, pausing briefly to fight a massive Cobra that in no way resembled a reskinned black dragon. They proceeded to Concord, where they discovered an oracle being harassed by some junior grade Inquisitors. the oracle proceeded to prophecy that the party would either ruin the world or end it. Neither option seems particularly pleasant.

They cleared up the little matter of Crux being posted as Wanted by the forces of the Elf Queen only to find that the posters were a means to guide him to Cairthel Goldleaf, a ranger in the service of Her Majesty. Cairthel offered the party, and Crux in particular, a hefty reward for a magical artifact that the elf Queen foresaw them possessing.

They then went on to accept a job from her host, Lord Garavon Highwind, regarding the weakening of the enchantments that kept up racial harmony in the city. their first suspected lead was to investigate the dwarven gold mine nearby that had recently reopened. Lance cut through the bullshit of legal hiring by casting a spell at a dwarf until he had a job in the mines.

Session Three

Cheap and dirty review:

The party said goodbye to Knifebeard and disembarked from the <name> near Throne Point. On their way there they encountered Giles Skyfall, a half-elf impersonating Lance. After some conversation and questioning, it became apparent that the Red Hands have decided to flood the Empire with Lance Honeyflowers in order to stymie the Inquisition.

They proceeded to enter a curiously snake-themed nearby living dungeon nearby in the hopes of meeting up with the fores of the Crusader there (or at least avenging them). While there, they encountered a marble golem guarding the Egg, and also found a ritual meant to slay the dungeon.

Session Two

Cheap and dirty review:

The party faked their own capture and beat up a crew of zombie pirates and stole their ship. They were nearly lured astray by a group of Slavic, track suit wearing, beatboxing sirens. They joined up with a drunken pirate and his crew of kobolds to raid a casino yacht run by the Gambling Man’s forces. They then investigated a shithole island and kicked the crap out of the demons that were running the joint.

Session One

Cheap and dirty review:

The party escaped the Bitter Wood and tangled it up with some goblins. They headed to Shadow Port, where they stole some gems, almost got ambushed by a rival thieves’ guild, ruined an Inquisitorial flash mob, and attended s fancy party.


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