Dark Gods

The Gods of Darkness, in general, desire to conquer the world or at least to shatter it and rule over the ruins. None of them can truly agree on the method by which this may be accomplished, nor who shall rule in the end. Some say that this squabbling is the primary reason why they have not already done so.

Darkseid, God of Evil, Enemy of Free Will
Darkseid is a tyrant lord who seeks dominion over the entire world through the eradication of free will. Darkseid has set but one path for his followers: die for Darkseid!

The priests of Darkseid are known as Submissionaries and are not so much priests as they are fascist overseers who subjugate and dominate their “flock.”

Loki, God of Mischief, Lies, and Trickery
Loki the Lie-smith is never to be trusted. He is a constant schemer and twists everything to suit his own ends.

The Morrigan, God of War and Strife
This raven goddess loves war for the chaos and destruction it causes, and little else. She’s not evil per se but her affiliation with chaos and death places her in the Dark pantheon by default.

Sosan-o-wo, God of Sea and Storm
Wrathful to the last, it’s said that Sosan-o-wo is the reason why the Iron Sea hates the land so much.

Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Dead
Mictlantecuhtli is the ruler of the deepest realms of the dead. His subjects are the dead who have embraced the Dark Gods, or those who practice diabolism but have not yet sold their souls. He often consumes the dead sent to him and as such his worship frequently incorporates cannibalism.

Dark Gods

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