Dragon Empire

The world’s greatest human kingdom, the Dragon Empire, spans a vast portion of the known world. The Empire gets its name from its elite cadre of knights, or more correctly from their mounts. Deep within the capital city of Axis, the Dragon Emperor serves as both the leader of this vast nation and the literal shield against the forces that would destroy it.


The Archmage controls the Empire’s weather, fends off plagues, enlivens crops, and manages the series of protective wards and ley lines that keep the Empire safe. The Hierophant serves as the Empire’s spiritual authority, safeguarding the souls and strengthening the hearts of Imperial citizens.

The Elf Queen and Dwarf King also consider their respective kingdoms as allies of the Empire, but they have their own people to worry about.

There’s also the Crusader and the Muse of Light, each of whom who works toward a goal that’s beneficial for all but whose allegiances are questionable at best.


The current Emperor is theoretically competent but essentially untested by any true threat. This is especially unfortunate given that the Lich King wants to take back his old kingdom, the Dark Mother plans to overrun the Empire with her foul brood, and the Archmage’s wards and magical infrastructure are starting to wane.

Dragon Empire

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