The Emperor rules the world’s greatest human kingdom, known as the Dragon Empire for the mounts of its mightiest warriors.

All the signs suggest that the age is turning, but will the Empire fall or shift to a new balance?

The current Emperor is the latest in a long line to bear that title, stretching back to the Blessed Emperor who helped to defeat the Wizard King. The Archmage’s magics which help keep the Empire safe from invasion require a living Emperor (or possibly Empress) to seal them and serve as their embodiment. There is, you can see, a lot of pressure that comes along with his job.

He’s made a pretty good go of it so far, and has built a number of alliances that help keep the Empire secure. The Archmage keeps up magical wards, weather control, and agricultural blessings throughout the Empire. The Elf Queen and Dwarf King keep their respective folk vigilant as well. It’s even rumored that the High Druid helps defend the Sea Wall with forces from the Blood Wood. Recently the Gods of Light even made their support known through the arrival of the Hierophant. Though the Emperor is slightly uneasy about the zeal with which the master of the Cathedral pursues heretics and witches, he can deny neither the overall benefit which the Hierophant has brought to the Empire nor the vast power base this newcomer has built for himself.

The problem is that this Emperor is, at his core, unproven. He’s kept his people relatively safe and prosperous with the aid of his allies, but he also hasn’t really been challenged outright by any true danger to his Empire. All of that could change if, for example, the Crusader turns his attentions away from his demonic foes. Or if the High Druid decides to get serious about pushing back on civilization. Or if the Archmage’s wards fail. Or if his newest tenuous ally/servant, the Hierophant, begins to entertain thoughts of theocracy.


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