This is a rough outline of the known events in the history of the world.

Before human/demi-human civilization

  • An ancient Serpent Kingdom rules the land, with its seat of power at Throne Point

Before the First Age

  • Wizard King rules the land with a sociopathic fist
  • Wizard King slays the White
  • Coalition of elves, dwarves, orcs, and humans rise up against him
  • First Dragon Emperor is crowned and Imperial Seal established

Beginning of the First Age

  • Half-elves come to existence as side effect of pact between Elf Queen and Emperor
  • Emperor tames the Midland Sea
  • Elves split into three races
  • Drow drive the dwarves out of Underhome
  • Elf Queen subjugates the Green
  • Giants war against the Dwarf King and raze Axis, ending the First Age
  • Wizard King returns as Lich King
  • Red Dragon assaults demons from the Abyss, creating the Red Wastes
  • Muse of Light enters the Abyss, blocking passage for demons
  • The Blue Sorceress bound to Drakkenhall
  • Crusader embarks on campaign against demons
  • The Gambling Man unleashes a horrendous plague which ends the 12th Age.

Beginning of the 13th Age

  • Hierophant emerges from wilderness, rises to power
  • High Druid moves to Wild Wood


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