The Inquisition, formally known as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office of Inquisition, is the arm of the Cathedral tasked with investigating and punishing heresy throughout the Empire. Punishments for heresy range from minor fines to imprisonment to death, depending on the severity of the charge and zeal of the Inquisitor.

The Inquisition maintains a fairly strict hierarchy, with the Hierophant himself serving as the nominal head and select Cardinals serving as its actual overseers. Much of the rank-and-file of the Inquisition are of the laity, with the upper echelons of authority reserved for the ordained. In fact, many ordained priests of the Light cannot directly serve in the Inquisition, as their vows prevent them from participating in any acts of violence. Instead, direct service is typically limited to lay soldiers, holy paladins, and non-ordained magistrates.

Authority in the Inquisition is more than a simple title. As active Inquisitors rise within the ranks, they are marked with intricate magical brands or tattoos which aid them in their duties. The details of these magical markings are unknown to the general populace, though the Brand of False Witness is most commonly known.

The ranks of the Inquisition are as follows:
Prefect (the Hierophant)
Inquisitor General (one of a number of Cardinals tasked with setting general policy and coordinating jurisdictions)
Consultor (a Bishop or a gifted cleric or paladin whose role typically relates to high-threat or otherwise sensitive cases)
Inquisitor General (presides over a larger area such as a city or a vast swathe of land)
Magister (an Inquisitor given rein to pursue specific cases without jurisdictional constraint)
Inquisitor (typically commands a set of Janissaries)
Janissary (an catch-all terms for the various soldiers, men-at-arms, and other enlisted servitors)


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